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Breast implant size

Choosing a breast implant size is an important decision. The best way to achieve a size you will be happy with is good communication with Dr. Mueller (as well as realistic expectations).

You would think that breast implant sizing would be simple, that you can just ask for a C cup sized implant and be done with it. But breast implant do not come in cup sizes but are measured in terms of cubic centimeters (CC's). To further complicate matters the final result in terms of breast size is a combination of how much breast tissue the woman has plus the volume of the implant. So you can imagine that three women with three different sized breasts who all get the same sized implants will end up with three different sized breasts.

There are other considerations as well such as the shape of the size of your rib cage and chest wall and the specific type of implant that will be best suited for you. Most implants come is different styles that determine how much the implants protrudes from the chest wall for any given volume. These are usually called something like standard, moderate, and high profile.

low medium and high profile breast implants

Help Dr. Mueller out and try your own sizing experiment ...

There is an experiment you can do at home to get a rough idea of what size implant you will feel comfortable with. It is call The rice test.

Ideally you should have a bra that is about the size you want to be. Then you need uncooked rice and a few zip lock bags to put the rice in. Some prefer to put the rice in the toe of an old nylon stocking because it is more comfortable and moldable when placed into a bra.

Start with a half a cup of rice in each bag and place them in your bra. Try some clothes on and see how you look. See if that size fits you in different clothes and is comfortable with your lifestyle. Not big enough add more rice. Too big take some out. I recommend trying the experiment until you find out how much is clearly too little, and clearly too much.

One cup of rice is about 237 cc. You should know that on average each increase in cup size is 189 cc. So 1 cup of rice = 237 cc = 1.25 cup sizes.

Once you settle on an amount of rice (or at least a range), write the number to you can bring that information to your consultation to discuss with Dr. Mueller.

Dr. Mueller has his own test too...

When you come for your consultation you should bring a bra that is about the size you want to be and a fitted shirt or or sweater. At the consultation I will have you try what are called sizing implants (basically breast implants) that you can place into your bra and look at yourself in mirror and see what you think. We can discuss how you feel about the various sizers your try and come to a consensus that you are comfortable with.


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