Fill your own tissue expander. It's Easy.

Just have your helper follow these simple steps.

Step One Get Ready

Gather and check your supplies. You will need:

  • Magnetic fill port locator
  • 1 Bag of saline
  • 1 alcohol wipe
  • 2 60 cc syringes
  • 2 16 gauge needles (purple printing on the label)
  • 1 winged infusion set (needle with green tabs)
  • 1 iodine applicator (brown fluid filled capsule)

Step Two

Washing hands at sink

Your helper should wash their hands.

You should lay down in a comfortable position.

Wipe the end of the bag of saline with an alcohol wipe. Place a 16 gauge needle (in the purple wrapper) on the large syringe and without touching the end of the brown rubber stopper, insert the needle and withdrawal 50 cc of saline.

Remove the 16 gauge needle and place it in a sharps container ( a plastic soda bottle works well). Place the winged infusion needle on the syringe.

Step Three

Locate the fill port by passing the magnetic finder back and fourth across the upper breast. Do this in an up and down and left to right direction until the pointer is centered. Without moving apply a few seconds of pressure to the magnetic finder to make an imprint on the skin.

Next open the iodine applicator (brown fluid filled capsule) and crush it with your fingers to break the glass capsule inside and let the fluid out. Using a circular motion apply the iodine to a quarter sized spot where you see the imprinted "X" from the magnetic finder.

Step Four

Remove the plastic sleeve from the winged needle. Don't touch the actual metal part of the needle at any time, just the green tabs. Now insert the needle straight down in the center of the circle "ALL THE WAY IN". You should feel the needle hit metal. Withdraw a small amount of fluid to make sure you have accessed the port.

Now infuse the saline into the expander at a comfortable speed. It takes a fair amount of pressure to get it to go in. If you feel significant discomfort stop and record the amount you put in. In the begriming you will probable be able to get in 75 to 100 cc each week. Later you may only get in 50cc each week. The exact amount doesn't matter much.

It is important that you stop if you feel more than moderate tightness or if the skin of the breast becomes pale. If you accidentally put too much in and are in pain, it is OK to take some fluid out.

No matter what you should record how much you put in each time and keep track of the total amount also. If you have any concern call us day or night. 503-494-6687.